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Looking For Something

All my life, I have been looking for something.

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Something, that won’t make me feel small.

Something, that would keep me going,

Give me a reason to live.

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Something that would make me proud of myself,

Let everyone know who I really am,

That one day I won’t be afraid to show my true self.

But I don’t even understand myself,

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I am trying my best to.

But the more I understand, the more confusing it gets.

As if nothing can make me feel that I am enough.

I don’t know what I am looking for,

But I know I am trying to find myself, like everyone else.

Aren’t we all looking for our true selves? Trying to understand a bit more of ourselves?

And it’s so confusing.

Why are things this way?

What do I want?

What am I meant to be?

What am I looking for?

Even though you do the things you want to do, it feels incomplete.

Maybe we need a new purpose, a new goal when we pass one.

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