Look at this endless desert….. – MIND TALK

Look at this endless desert.
Sand every where…is that all?
There are some drawings on the sand…drawn by the wind.
By each blow of the wind it changes and something new is drawn.
By every blow of the wind a new story is written on the deserts,
Just like every blow of time our life change and we start living a new story, a new life.

Now look at this endless desert again….
Sand every where…is that all?
There are something buried under this sand…the past.
This desert might have been an ocean years before…
May be this empty desert was forest full of life..
History of civilization might be still buried under the depth of the sand…
Foot steps of shepherds who walked alone and became prophets might be buried here.
The sweat, blood and tears of those who crossed it and those who lost there souls while crossing it still be staying the wind.
The wind that writes on the sand might be writing the stories of those people again and again.

Isn’t this desert just like our own hearts, where the past is buried in our memories…
Our own internal world where we walk alone and fall…..
Where we travel to feed our own sheeps of desires and get enlightened…..

Now look at this endless desert again….

By Jaffer Abubakkar


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