“Look but don’t touch”

“Look but don’t touch”

Seeing you now makes my heart sink.

Knowing that you’re right there and I can’t have you, can’t touch you…

It’s like showing a child a shiny new toy. One that they never even knew they needed.

They say that there is no such thing as “bad timing”, and that everything happens at the right moment. They also say that if “it were meant to be, it would be.” If this is true then why bring up feelings so sudden and so intense that there are truly no words to describe it? It erases words altogether and just allows you to feel. To deeply feel.

Why have the energy be so strong that it crushes stones in the palms of your hands?

It makes the hair on your body stand up straight, electrifying the senses. I’m Feeling the woman inside me pulsating and anxious with anticipation. How could something in this universe cause such a reaction?

“Just one touch. That’s all I need.”

To be continued….

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