10 ‘Lizard Brain’ Actions That Poison Intimate Relationships

Lizard Brain Actions Poison Intimate Relationships

Takeaway: Acknowledge your feelings first. Then see if you can separate them from the facts to determine if your conclusion is indeed true: “Yes, I’m feeling hopeless about our marriage, but that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. There are steps we can take to make it better,” or “Although you haven’t cracked the book, you show your love for me in other ways.”

A Final Word

It’s possible to reduce lizard brain reactions by maintaining respectful boundaries, having empathy, and being mindful of how you give and receive information. Studies show that consideration, kindness, and generosity are the best medicines for strong and healthy intimate relationships. Active listening engages you in what your partner is saying and feeling without falling into the trap of who’s right and who’s wrong. It softens tension and sets the stage for mutual cooperation, collaboration, and loving connection.

Written By Bryan E. Robinson
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Now that you know what ‘lizard brain‘ actions are, be careful about not indulging in these behaviors. It might not seem like a major thing, but it will end up affecting your relationship in the long run. Focus on being kind, honest, and loving towards each other whenever there is a hiccup, and watch your relationship get stronger with every passing day.

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