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50 Incredible Ways to Live Life Without Regrets

incredible ways live life without regrets

7.  Enjoy the Ride

Life is an adventure and you are an explorer. Heading out into the farthest vastness of incarnations to learn, grow, and experience. Soak up your surroundings you may not be back for a while.

6. Be Understanding

Righteousness doesn’t mean being right, it means showing love, compassion and understanding, no matter what you think is right.

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5. Don’t Wait for Tomorrow 

The next moment in your life is not more important than this moment now. Do today what you dream of later, live today like it was your last.

4. Follow Your Intuition

The flash of insight you get before you make that important decision, trust it. The subtle nudge or gentle pull.. you feel before the situation comes to a close and you still have time, follow it. You know more than you think, you just have to trust yourself.

3. Have Humility

You may feel you have made a thousand terrible mistakes, and you may make one thousand more. There are no mistakes, there are only lessons. You are learning and growing and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it’s only as big of a deal as you make it. Go easy on yourself.

2. Follow Your Heart

Your heart knows before you know. A complex organ that generates its own electromagnetic field, holding its own consciousness; producing subtle energy, just below our average level of awareness. Follow the feelings of your heart, your intuition, this sixth sense that nudges you in the right direction. It will never fail you when you choose to finally listen.

1. Don’t Miss the Dance

Alan Watts believed that the true existence of the entire universe was a playful one. Without need or necessity, it isn’t going anywhere and it doesn’t have a destination that it ought to arrive at.

“In music, one doesn’t make the end of a composition, the point of it. If so, the best conductors would be the ones who played the fastest or those who only wrote finales. You would go to a concert to only hear one crashing chord because that’s the end. If you are dancing, you don’t aim at one spot in the room, because that is where you should arrive… the whole point of the dancing, is the dance.”- Alan Watts

If this list seems large, remember that through each milestone you will have gained a bit each time.

From 21-28 you may have learned how to express yourself better, from 28-35 you may have acquired the confidence you lacked to speak your mind more. From 35-42 you may have learned to show understanding and compassion.

Life is a school for the soul. We are here to learn and we are here to play, so don’t miss the dance!

by LJ Vanier

Live Life Without Regrets
Live Life Without Regrets
incredible ways live life without regrets Pin
50 Incredible Ways to Live Life Without Regrets
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