50 Incredible Ways to Live Life Without Regrets

incredible ways live life without regrets

24. Find Satisfaction in the Simple Things

True happiness comes from freedom and freedom comes from the elimination of desire. When you desire, you suffer. The simple things matter most, its time to put it into reality.

23. Live True to Yourself

Living true to yourself means trusting yourself. Listen to your heart it knows what’s best for you.

22. Express Yourself

We are all creators. Our minds are the paint brush and the earth is our easel.

21. Go Easy on Yourself

Life is a drag when you are always beating yourself up. Learn to let go and forgive yourself. Everybody makes mistakes.

20. Stay in Contact with Friends

Don’t let time slip away. Forgive, move forward, and reconnect if you’ve fallen out of touch. One of the top 5 regrets people have on their death-bed is not staying in contact with their friends.

19. Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is something we invented to make us feel unworthy. The game of hide and seek you created for yourself. Find the real you, the center of yourself, your Godhood.

The illusion is, until you feel you have suffered enough you won’t wake up to your true power, your true identity, your eternal self.

18. Let Yourself Be Happy

If you are a parent you know the most important thing you want for your children is for them to be happy. So give it to yourself.

17. When You’re About to Say No… Say Yes!

How many times have you held yourself back from something that could have been fun? How many times have you said no to an opportunity that could have been a great adventure?

What really do you have to lose? Just do it!!

16. Be Patient

Patience doesn’t mean waiting, it means continually working hard on your dreams and keeping a positive attitude. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now in this very moment that you want to, doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

15. Keep Moving

If you stand still waiting for the wave to come crashing down on you… you’re going to get swept away. Instead, grab a board and ride with the waves of life.

14. Don’t Worry So Much

95% of what you worry about doesn’t manifest into reality anyways, so don’t lose sleep over it. Lose the worry and replace it with trust.

50 Incredible Ways to Live Life Without Regrets
Live Life Without Regrets

13. Don’t Hold Grudges

Everyone has their own reasons, everyone has their own perception of life and everyone has their own path to follow. Holding a grudge only hurts you.

12. Show Compassion

Rise above the situation, by showing compassion to others it will lift their spirit and yours.

11. Give Openly

By giving we are receiving. the more we give the more we receive. You cannot give unselfishly because while you may not realize it on some level you are getting something out of it.

Whether it just be that nice warm feeling that you have done something good, you are always receiving when you give. And that’s the beauty of giving! It is always a win-win and nothing can beat it!

10. Love Freely

By learning to love others freely we in turn are loving ourselves. Life is like looking into a mirror and every person, every teacher, is you. Love your teachers, they bring hard lessons and great development. Simply by existing in this state we make a huge step in clearing negative energy blockages and increase our ability to connect with others more deeply.

9. Put Yourself Out there

By embracing your vulnerability you empower yourself. Don’t shy away from fear, instead use it as a sign of where you should go next.

8. Let People Judge You

Yes, let people criticize you because anyone who said something negative to you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with their own internal state.

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