How to Live in the Flow of Life

How to Live in the Flow of Life

The world is alive, pulsating around you, and you are amazed to realize, how wonderful it is to be alive. You believe that you are only alive now.

You submit to the moment, sitting in your favorite armchair or lie on the beach, listening to the noises of your environment, enjoy the rest, the sunshine and fresh air. Both past and future are far away from you, only the present moment matters.

As if a heavy curtain would have been drawn away in front of your eyes; now everything is more vivid and brighter around you. You feel that you are alive, and it is good to be alive. The Miracle almost completely fills your soul. Why could not it stay that way forever?

Unfortunately, these moments do not last long, because the mind starts working again very soon, and begins to control the moment by categorizing it and giving it a name. ”Ah, yes, how beautiful is this sunset” and the tumbleweed of thinking starts tumbling again:” It reminds me of last summer, when…”.

Your alert attention will then turn away from the Miracle, back to the mind, and your ordinary identity is rebuilt in a matter of a few seconds. You return to the psychological time and, embedded into it, you experience your problems and sufferings again.

The memory of the moments of the spell is just a transient impression, the unconscious feeling that some miraculous thing happened to you, but you, unfortunately, missed a chance. Indeed, you missed the chance of entering through the gate opening in the magic moment and finding your real Self there.

Can you do something in order not to let this happen anymore? What is able to put an end to that Vicious Circle?

You are only able to escape if you are able to proceed beyond the mind if you terminate your unconscious identification with it, so you are able to get out of the vicious circle.

In that case, you are able to observe the functions of the mind and realize that you are by no means identical with your mind and its functions. You are identical with the pure space, the Consciousness, in which the functions of the mind take place.

If you are able to leave behind all the scenarios of your identity built up by the mind, even that of the Spiritual Seeker, you may experience that this Consciousness is really you. You are the pure space of the consciousness, the existence, which is your real Self.

Your real Self is beyond every thought, every social program instilled into you. This Miracle cannot be described by thoughts, it is only possible to experience it by direct experience.

But not even the word ”to experience” expresses the essence of the process very well, as experiencing is just a thought, too. This experience is the experience of the awakening consciousness, and words are only able to point at it like fingers but are unable to express its essence.

The Miracle may perhaps be best described in words in the following way: You will be united with the Consciousness living in you, and you will recognize the forms and shapes appearing in the space of the Consciousness as part of that Singularity.

So, live in the flow of life.

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How to Live in the Flow of Life
How to Live in the Flow of Life

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