Live And Let Be!

Live And Let Be!

When you are fulfilled… when you are confident… when you love yourself and when you have faith…

The world becomes seamless, time is no longer a measure… only what you feel and know in your guts is all there is for you to make the decisions you make. Only what you see within you is evident enough for your choices even if it all falls apart or brings you down, you would still accept it and embrace it as the steps on the pathway into solace!

When you grow consciously heartfelt and become controversially connected with your deepest desires, when you chose to express and never oppress, when you stay quiet and marvel, when you sigh out loud silently and when you are patiently hurried… you are whole! Affirmations and attention no longer alluring nor feed your ego, they are fairly disturbing for your inner essence of peace. They interfere with you being and contradict with what you know is the truth. They shake your well earned confidence and defy your identity and mischievously intend to hustle you into needing people around and having to please those people who will in turn keep feeding your ego with affirmation and attention and distract you for staying whole with your soul. You start looping in the vacuum of others who do not even acknowledge you are here! You forget that your strength is from within you and for you.

Nothing empowers you better than consciously displaying your vulnerability, admitting your drowsiness and embracing your faultiness… it is by far the utmost practice which blatantly grows muscles in your guts, cultivates your gumption and brashly enlightens your intuition… it engenders so much of you around you that you are no longer forsaken… no one will be able to ever again bring you to fight! For you fighting is awfully futile! It is absurdly too small for your ability live and let be…




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