Little Blessings Brought Out The Real Me

Little Blessings Brought Out The Real Me

I want to be there for your healing process. Dedication.

I want to be what you look forward to every day. Motivation.

I want to be what drives your passion for music. Inspiration.

I want to be your peace and serenity. Meditation.

I’ll water the growth of the tree which we call life and watch you grow on the leaves. Seeing your smile engraved in the bark of the tree.

I can see you within the beauty of a melancholic foliage. Your vibrant colors comforting me as the falling leaves brush against my cheek.

I watch you in the intricate and delicate designs of a snowflake as it gently flows down to a blanket of velvet snow.

I want to pick the vibrant flowers during the spring that remind me of your beautiful smile blossoming into my view.

I want to feel you in the sea that embraces my sun-kissed skin in the summertime.

You turn all my days into brighter days. You are captivating.

The way you look at me makes me feel like the luckiest woman on earth. Your gentle and caring soul mesmerizing me through those honey hazel eyes.

The way you embrace and kiss me reminds me to breathe and that smile; breathtaking.

The littlest blessings have brought out the real me again.

-By Julieta

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