Li’l Candle

 March 29, 2019

Deep in the night as it made its mark,

Is a lonely li’l candle, hidden in the dark,

With her long candle wick afraid to be lighten,

For the doubt that it will make everything worsen.

She always believe herself as a worthless li’l candle,

No one she might guide or nothing to kindle,

Everything around is like a dark nowhere,

That once made her thought “Should I give a glare?”

Worries flooded, “What if my wick fell short?”

Or it could be my wax shaping of some sort,

It made me fearful that I’ll be gone in a moment,

Just because I surrender myself as a present.”

‘Til came an instance that made her realized,

A candle was born for a beauty to arise,

With all its wonders that made her surprise,

A candle shines brightest as it gives its deepest cries.

Not to be overwhelmed by the fear that dark gave,

But to let the light glow for someone to be saved.

After all she’s no longer a lonely li’l candle,

For she’ve found her purpose for a dark to kindle.

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