7 Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey

 May 11, 2019

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7 Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey

Before you freak out, I don’t think that every lightworker does it, so perhaps it’s not your case. But some lightworkers volunteer to clear up the karma of the whole lineages.

If this is your case, you might struggle with some issues for a longer time, and they will feel heavier.


7. Open up

The beauty of a lightworker path is that you’re not mean to walk it alone. Although most lightworkers (if not all?) don’t trust others because they fear to be judged and misunderstood. It’s the ancient remembrance that still may cause pain.

But the lightworkers are meant to work together and enhance each other’s growth. When you find your light family, you feel safe and protected.

It’s worth taking the risk to open up and trust when you feel that you met the right person.


The Lightworker Healing

I’ve been guiding lightworkers for years professionally and for decades without realizing that I was showing them the way.

For years, I waited for this moment when I invite you to receive the “Gold Light Healing” and “Crystal Light Healing” that will help you to clear out decades of emotional and mental blockages that stand in the way to your inner light.

And open up to your true potential.

This is the experience that I wish I had received in the first couple of years upon my spiritual awakening.

It’ll save you time and help you to shed light on a deeply hidden dynamics that most lightworkers get caught up in and it takes them years to realize those patterns.

Are you willing to receive the support of the universe through our transformative experience together?

Lightworker Healing
First, heal yourself. Then show the way to others.

Written by Sylvia Salow

Originally appeared in sylviasalow.com

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7 Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey