Lifes Promises

Lifes Promises

Life has never promised you anything, nor has destiny..but people did…

some said they would never leave…..lie! some said they would love you until death… lie! some said you were the most precious one… lie!

Life is made of such sweet lies. all that matters is how you faced the time you Finally realized those were just lies. we may ask ‘wouldn’t life be much better Without these lies?’ but the truth is, The times you lived in those big lies were the only times you lived.


5 thoughts on “Lifes Promises”

  1. You are awesome in my eyes, whatever you do.. either your feet were put up on top of the table.. or down on the floor… I'm thinking you are always fun and loved .

  2. Somebody in Many times in my life I was defended, protected and still fighting for me..until at this time..I must say I care so much about you, don't think I'm hurting you, I just love you, just you are ,whatever will happened. Positive or negative.

  3. HAVING RESILIENCE IS IMPORTANT, yesterday you make an effort to join my level, thanks for waited, but nobody. Showed up.. that was not intentional it was by seems frustrated, hope you understands. Loyalty remains.. trust and faith just thesame. Have a good day always.

  4. Life has a great promises, just have faith and patience.. It is imperative that somebody should have resilient.Love to humanity to be proactive for peace and love and harmony.

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