the area dividing the brain and the soul is affected in many ways by experience—some lose all mind and become soul: insane. some lose all soul and become mind: intellectual. some lose both and become: accepted.  —-Charles Bukowski

How has this life danced left you ?

Insane, Intellectual or Accepted ?

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  1. Yes I think so Gerry Blue.Goodnight and God bless you… About how deep is my love as your cover asked lol…more n deeper than the Titanic aground lol…deeper than the blue ocean 🙂 🙂 🙂 chat soon maybe at Journal of the minds hehehe:-)

  2. I'm glad you have felt my heart too. Yes Gerry Blue is my real name 🙂 I am real, right through to my soul. There's no need to thank me for speaking the truth, it should be done anyway 🙂 and yes I guess I could be called a visionary 🙂 we have indeed connected.

  3. As you stated yourself Helen, the love that comes from your heart is so strong, it can over power your mind and manifest itself through your whole being.

    You also stated that you wonder why people hurt people which means you would never want to hurt another being.. Your heart is pure.

    You also stated that why do some people think money is more important than love… Which you know.. From your heart… That love is more important than money. This shows your spiritual being is intact. You priorities the true values of this world over the materialistic ones. Your heart sees truth where others are blind.
    How can I not feel your heart? I also am a good man of pure heart.. People like us connect naturally. Your kindness in your heart radiates from you so powerfully if I can feel it from a completely different part of the world. The beauty of your heart and soul shines so brightly to a point it's impossible to not see it if you are not blind and It also very easy to appreciate deeply from one soul to another.

    I hope that answers your question Helen. 🙂 <3

    1. Love is definitely more important than money. So is learning from bad experiences to help you in the future. A kind heart is also very valuable and you have one so be proud.

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