Life With You…

Life With You...

Life with you is more meaningful and worth living.

Life with you means moments of love and surprises.

Life with you is a way to enjoy the togetherness and warmth of winters.

Life with you is living with my soulmate, knowing every second of what you feel and what I feel.

Life with you is living many years together in one moment of happiness.

Life with you is climbing the toughest peak with our hands held so tight that never can I dream of a fall.

Life with you is a heaven of trust to ask not, but believe more and more in your trust.

Life with you hopes for a real-world that you make with your strength for the most loved one.

Life with you is what God sent me to be anytime, just myself and for myself.

Life with you is with me only and loving myself more and more.

Thanks, you are there, so am I, else life is not what it should be.

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