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Life Through Her Eyes

Life Through Her Eyes

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You will see stars in her eyes,
The way she sees life in those stars up above,
Far away, yet near and dear.

You will hear words of wonders through her lips,
The way she notices every little thing in her world is special,
As she is special to the world.

You will remember her dearly in your memories,
The way she honours the moments that have passed,
Wishing if only they could last.

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You will celebrate her presence in your life,
The way she celebrates life itself.
Magical, beautiful, wonderful.

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    Born in a rural village within a forest in Sumatera, and now recides in a small town in Borneo, Indonesia, I live a simple life with my family. I enjoy painting, gardening, and sewing in the morning. Later in the night I pour my heart in words and share them with the world.
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