The 8 Stages Of Life According to Erikson

life according to erikson

Limitations Of Erikson’s Theory

Although his theory received much recognition and popularity, it also received its fair share of criticism from other people from the psychological community. These limitations are :

1. Critics tend to say that Erikson gave a lot of stress on early childhood development and neglected any kind of development which can also occur in adulthood. He himself had admitted at some point in his life that a person’s personality could change when they grow into adults. However, he did not offer any explanation for the same.

2. Erikson had also been criticized for his stress on male personality and development, leaving out the female counterparts. He had agreed that personalities are subject to change based on genders, however, he did not do anything to rectify his previous theories.

3. Some critics say that Erikson’s theory was based on more speculations rather than having accurate data for the same. He based his theories on psychological case studies available at the time. Modern psychologists are of the opinion that many of Erikson’s theories do not apply to everyone and are not a rule of thumb.

Erikson’s Theory Of Psychosexual Development – A Summary

Erikson’s theory provides us with a unique perspective on the development of individuals. His theory can be useful in understanding the challenges and conflicts people face while growing up and how they can affect them in later parts of their life. However there are other personality theories that exist and thus, his theory should be taken at face value.

life according to erikson pinop
life according to erikson pin
life according to erikson pinoop
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