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Life, Nature, And Love

Life, Nature And Love

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Being able to do things, not being able to do things. This is how life as we know is built. As we travel in life to search for love, Life is what we lose in search of that love. For we say we can love ourselves, For what we know we can’t live with ourselves. The lie that builds the idea of sufficiency, The truth that tells us without love is insufficiency. So here we are lost between the lie and the truth. Here we fight for something that is a legend and a myth. Even when the truth wins, the irony prevails, For love can lose to the nature that one prevails. The nature that doesn’t let you live, For you can’t betray the order that it gives. So even when there is the affection in us that we hold, We are the captives of nature, for it is we that it holds. Every time a war is then waged against nature by love, Not every time nature loses, and we aren’t left with love.

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    Deep Shit

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