Life is like a magic bowl

Life is like a magic bowl

Life is like a magic bowl – upside down..This is life! You cannot swim against the current but you can enjoy it. Who said that sadness is a fixed item in life? No it is not. No matter how harsh life is, you have to get up and fight for yourself. So many often, we tend to give up. We give up as we lack confidence in ourselves or there is no one around to give validity. Your life is not about always having someone’s validity. Face yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself, question yourself! Find your lost spark within you. You & you only can get you out of that darkness. People will always give advice but YOU, yes YOU, you have to know what your heart is saying. Rise and shine darling. Do not wait for someone to come your way and light the candle for you. Be the candle! All will be well. Stay connected to your heartbeats and you will not lose any signal.

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