Valuable Lessons From Pain: 10 Ways My Pain Helped Me Grow

Valuable Lessons From Pain

But when I do fall in love, I will give that special person all the love in my heart and receive what they have to offer without expecting anything. Why? Because now I love myself a lot more than I used to and that gives me the strength to love unconditionally.

6. I have become more compassionate.

Pain makes you more empathetic and compassionate. When you’ve hit your rock bottom, you start doing things that you never would’ve done otherwise. This makes you more open to what other people are going through. Once you’ve been through pain, you don’t want others to suffer what you have.

You become a kinder version of yourself who empathizes with others without judging their decisions or actions. You don’t show sympathy or pity. Instead, you understand, accept and forgive as you are now more open-minded.

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7. I feel more inspired.

“Failure gave me strength. Pain was my motivation.” – Michael Jordan

Pain can be the greatest inspiration to bring about a drastic change in yourself and your life. Breaking up with my girlfriend was the hardest thing I had to do…ever. I was completely dependent on her and was a needy boyfriend. Letting her go was not only difficult, but I tried to avoid it for the longest time in the hope of making things better.

But once I let her go, it inspired me to work on myself. It made me take a cold hard look at what I had become and motivated me to become the awesome person I once was. Although it took some time, I started focusing on myself and my projects. I did some of my most creative work and to be honest it made me a lot better at expressing myself through my work. Pain is the catalyst that creates masterpieces.

8. I have become a lot wiser.

Once you’ve been at the worst place of your life, once you’ve been broken, once you’ve lifted yourself up, you don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. You don’t overthink, you don’t stress or feel anxiety nor do you worry excessively about all the things that could go wrong.

You learn to look at the bigger picture and realize you will be able to sort this out too. Pain helps you look at life differently and understand its true essence.

Valuable Lessons From Pain: 10 Ways My Pain Helped Me Grow
Valuable Lessons From Pain: 10 Ways My Pain Helped Me Grow

9. I am a lot more positive now.

Depression can suck all the positivity out of you. I don’t think I can explain what being suicidal feels like and I am not even going to try, but I can assure you it is the darkest place one can ever be in. You can see no amount of light shining your way. And that darkness can consume you completely. Negative thoughts can affect your mental, emotional and physical health so much that it feels death is a better alternative.

No person should ever feel that way. And if you are going through something like this, please don’t lose hope. Seek help. Talk to someone. But once you step into that pain and take all the hits that come your way, somehow you are cleansed of all the negativity. It just washes off of you. Once you reach the light, all that remains is the positivity that gives you a new strength to move ahead. 

Life will always be hard, for everyone. But now I focus more on the silver lining than the dark clouds. I am more focused on how I can use a situation to my advantage instead of thinking about why it’s happening to me. It completely transforms the way you think and feel. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, I’ve been there, survived that. So bring it on.

10. I became more spiritual.

When certain things happen that challenge your beliefs and yourself, that breaks you as a human being, that makes you wonder what you have done to deserve such pain, you start seeking answers beyond yourself.You start to realize that God or the universe has a plan and it operates to help you reach the destination you were always supposed to reach.

Although you may not be able to see where you are going right now, I can guarantee you will end up in a much better place than you think. Going through what I would call an unfortunate life, now I understand why I had to go through what I did. It makes you have more faith in God. It makes you trust the universe a lot more. And you start paying attention to the signs universe sends you.

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