7 Things I Will Tell My Children About Love And Life

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Give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone is rude to you, tries to pick a fight for no reason, or says something rude to you, remember that they are in pain. They are in pain otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to inflict pain on others.

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Love them where they are at, and keep loving the world anyways.

I could easily go on for another 20,000 words on this topic.

I deleted sections focused on being unreasonably honest, falling in love with yourself, and being frequently explicit about telling your people how much you love them. Maybe I’ll put them in a part-two article one day. But this is what I have for now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go meet up with a friend who has asked me to hold her while she cries.

Because she’s honoring herself. And because people are allowed to feel. And because what else is life if not holding each other through the ups and downs of it all?

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Written by Jordan Gray
Originally appeared in Jordan GrayConsulting
7 Things You Need To Teach Your Children About Love And Life
Life Lessons For Children
Life Lessons For Children
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