We Asked Our Readers For “Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic’ – Here’s What They Said

Lessons from the Covid Pandemic

Lesson 24 by Vijeta Harishankar

“The whole world had looked forward to the year 2020 with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Nobody, in their wildest of their dreams, must have imagined how it would actually turn into.

Pandemic! That too in the 21st century! Unimaginable, isn’t. But that’s what we all are witnessing. This pandemic has taught me so much about Life. And if we look at it, all of us have so much to learn from the current predicament.

  • Expect the unexpected: Life is surreptitious in its own ways. All of us believe in setting goals, planning the execution part of it, working towards it etc.etc. But, do things always happen accordingly? Life has its ways of giving us surprises. So, remember in Life, Life is the Boss! This reaffirms the proverb ‘Man proposes, God, disposes.’
  • Basics for Survival: Don’t you agree! We dream, save, and spend so much on luxury, but the fact is, for survival only minimal is required. And each of us is capable of it. This is one of the biggest lessons of this Pandemic.
  • Don’t mess with nature: Nature is calm, loving, giving all the time. You try messing with her, she knows how to show you your place.
  • Don’t underestimate anyone: Never have preconceived notions or be prejudicial about anyone. When the WHO announced about Covid-19, initially no one took it seriously. It took us a while to digest the fact that it is real. I’m truly amazed to know the power of an invisible creature, which has created so much havoc. 
  • God exists: If the virus Exists, so does God, both are invisible yet have the power to unleash their presence at the least expected time. 

Lesson 25 by Gayatri Shenoy

“Sitting in the comfort of my home, I realized that there were so many out there with no means of sustenance and homeless. And ironically, they talk about social distancing! Introspection became a byword in this time of isolation. So many things we took for granted starting with the freedom to move around without any restrictions, bonding through touch, and a hug. All these have become a remote possibility. Humility too that such a small thing as a virus could wreak so much havoc and claim so many lives. That man stands helpless with no respite in sight.”

Lesson 26 by Shahrever Mehenty

“I have learned that attachments are all temporary, what is permanent is only our spirituality, our God. I have learned to be more religious and to have more faith in our Lord, as also spend time with the ones who truly love us and love them back, instead of wasting our time on the ones who don’t even care about our love for them.”

Lessons 27 & 28 by Shubha Bhandarkar

1. “One of the most important lessons to learn from this pandemic is “Humility”.
The slogan “Save Earth” is the slogan of human arrogance. The planet existed billions of years ago and will continue to exist for billions of years or more. We cannot destroy it. If we overstep our limit, the planet may erase the human race from its surface and carry on existing.

The planet needs not even resort to anything catastrophic like a huge earthquake, giant tsunami for this purpose. An invisible virus has managed to keep the whole of mankind on its knees. It has taught us that humans are not necessary. The sky, earth, water, air, and nature are fine without us. These elements give us life and every breath of our life is dependent on them. We are not the master of these elements but only their humble recipients.

2. “One of the most important lessons to learn from the pandemic is the importance of “Hope“. We all should be prepared for the long-drawn battle with the virus. It is only possible if we hold the flag of hope high. You never know how life can transform in the blink of an eye. We should be proactive and not be afraid to evolve when we have to.
Let’s get used to the new normal.

All of a sudden our humble home has turned into an institution in itself. It is where we work from, where our children get their education. It is where we can order our essential things from. It is where are cooking and serving restaurant like meals and dining with our whole family. It where we are back to taking up new hobbies. It is where we exercise, do yoga and workouts. It is where we connect and socialize with people outside using chats, online video portals, attend webinars, etc. Yet it is where we celebrate solitude, introspect, and evolve. It is where we are safe with hope in our eyes!

Let’s bring more stillness in our lives. Let us do what we can do to preserve nature for our own survival. Lets us not take our health and near and dear ones for granted. Let’s do whatever we can to help each other during this crisis and uplift the spirit of the health care workers who are tirelessly fighting the virus.

Let us strive and survive to keep the flag of “Hope” high so that decades later, we can tell our grandchildren, this story of ultimate triumph in abject despair!”

Lesson 29 by Avni Katakkar

“The pandemic and extended lockdown had it’s own good and loss.

To talk about the good, that I learned in the past few months is that:

  • In today’s world where most of us are addicted to junk food/restaurant food, the past few months made us try all the recipes at home. We savored everything made at home.
  • We have learned not to take our health casually, from drinking warm water to doing yoga & exercise, we took good care of our fitness.
  • The forever busy us got some much-needed family time.
  • The happiness on faces of kids seeing both the parents at home was altogether a feast.
  • We learned the importance of hygiene and pure air.
  • The majority of us have learned that materialistic happiness and show off doesn’t last long. Happiness lies in small things in life.
  • Above all we learnt about the survival of the fittest.

Talking about losses during last few months:

  • We have lost their jobs to the COVID crunch and we realized, without running too much after money, we can still survive.
  • We learned to show empathy towards the needy.
  • We learned to share, may it be pain, struggle, or joy.
  • We learned to face the worst may it be fighting family trauma during the lockdown or may it be fighting for the society.
  • We learned not to panic, even in the worst situation.

Last few months have really been hard on all of us. We all gave a fight in some or the other way and we have definitely come out of it with flying colors.”

We hope these stories, and lessons made you feel a little warm on the inside, and more grateful about life. Let us know in the comments below which life lesson did you related with the most.


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