Embrace And Adapt: 5 Crucial Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Choluteca Bridge

Life Lessons From Choluteca Bridge

Author and entrepreneur Suzanne Stavert explainsChange is a good thing, really it is. It means we are alive and moving forward.” She adds “We shouldn’t want to be stagnant, set in our ways. Change means learning, growing and perhaps achieving something we never thought possible!

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Lessons from the Choluteca Bridge

The incidence of the new Choluteca Bridge can help us learn a number of valuable lessons related to change and how we need to embrace it. We encounter, resist and accept change several times in our daily lives. Sometimes we adapt to the change, while at other times we feel frustrated and stressed. Our lives are changing constantly, whether we admit it or not. “Learning from each other is one way – building bridges to each other, sharing, discovering what’s working well for others. These are important aspects of dealing with change,” adds Suzanne.

Here’s are a few lessons we can learn from what happened with the Choluteca Bridge:

1. We can’t predict nature

Nature operates on its own rules. Whether it’s a storm or the virus plaguing the human race right now, nature will always be unpredictable and offer us both nasty and pleasant surprises.

2. Complacency leads to obsolescence

The Choluteca Bridge became obsolete simply because the river changed its course. Even though the bridge was perfect, it was worthless. The same can be true for employees, entrepreneurs and even businesses. Bank expert Mukundarajan V N explainsIn the business world, such disruptions destabilize existing players who remained complacent about their future. Even the best product may end up without a market.

3. Planning can’t protect against uncertainty

The engineers of the new Choluteca Bridge were determined to build a structure that can survive even the harshest weather conditions. And they succeeded in their goal. However, they did not expect the river to move. This shows that despite our best laid plans, we can never be safe from what’s coming for us. The best thing we can do is embrace it and adapt to it. Mukundarajan adds “Negotiating risk and uncertainty continues to challenge our collective intelligence. We can never provide for random events, however meticulously we may plan and design solutions.

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4. The problem-solution matrix

What we believe to be the solution can easily turn into another problem which we need to solve. This is known as the inversion of the problem-solution matrix. Authorities of Choluteca city believed the new bridge would solve their traffic problems and help in crossing the river easily. However, their solution became useless and itself became a glaring problem. The bridge was a massive infrastructure investment which now serves no purpose. 

5. Technology can’t solve everything

Our collective over-reliance on technology as a society is a huge problem that we refuse to acknowledge. Yes, technology has its merits but it cannot solve all our problems. We need to rely on our own instincts, gut feelings and common sense as well when approaching challenges and problems in life. Technology “cannot have an expansive view to consider unexpected glitches and seemingly improbable and extraordinary exigencies,” says Mukundarajan.

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