Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself

Life Isn't About Finding Yourself

Life isn’t about
finding yourself.
Life is about
creating yourself.

-George Bernard Shaw

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7 thoughts on “Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself”

  1. I thought we were already created and that our task was only to reveal ourselves. I mean our souls are already there isn’t it? Isn’t it much easier to just reveal then try to be a god ourselves and create? I thought that being God was without limits, but if we are individuals, then that individuality is our limit, hence impossibility to be a god. Being devine and powerful, does not mean we are God. It may just signify that God’s infinity is at our disposal, and if infinity exist already, then nothing can be added to it like a new creation. One would have to reach the limits of infinity to add to it, and as such infinity would not be infinity, and oneness would not exist. So what do you really believe?

    1. Finding ourselves is realizing who I really am (minus all the things that people/society asked me to be)
      Creating yourself is being on the way of what I have found about myself. Walking that journey.

    2. Words are spells and are powerful. Much of misunderstandings are due to the use of inappropriate words. Walking a path, if unknown, is a journey discovery isn’t it? The vulgarization of the word “create” is only detrimental to it’s user as it is a self spell that can hardly happen. So the universe does the best thing it can by manifesting an approximation. Fortunately the blow is lessen when used in past tense, but when used in the future tense, can trump the entire law of attraction. Of course, this is only a perspective. One way or the other, I appreciate very much the work you have done with “The Minds Journal”. It is genius if you ask me, and shear pleasure. Thank you.

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