I truly believe ‘Life is short’. I know not if I’ll live till a ripe old 80 sashaying down the hills of Hong Kong or meet death at 40 and say’ “ Not Today.” I really cannot predict my future. 

All I know is that I want to live like there’s no tomorrow, love like there’s no end and do whatever I can do in my best capacity today. 

No this blog is not a “Preaching” blog. I’m no Osho or Paulo Coelho or Carl Jung. I am just a normal, imperfect human being sharing my thoughts.

I’m a person who’ll buy new shoes and pack the old ones and strut out with the new ones from the shoe shop happily. I’m the one who’ll buy a new outfit and not wait for an occasion to wear it. Buy an expensive wallet and even take it to the market with me….not to be ostentatious ….no that’s not me. I’ll buy that big bottle of Nutella even though I know it’ll assist in adding some pounds to my body.

But “ Kal kisne dekha yaar!” (Who has seen tomorrow?).

Whenever I go back home to Bandra and open my mum’s cupboard. I stare at the clothes hanging there. Yes it’s exactly 6 months since she’s passed away and we don’t have the heart to dispose off her clothes yet. I am happy that she wore them all. I am happy that she had that zest for life, to dress up even when she was in pain. Last night I browsed through some photos of mum and I can proudly say, “Wow that beautiful lady was my mother.” 

Whoever thought a year ago, this person was walking the face of this earth and one year later she is no longer with us. 

I guess losing someone you love changes your perspective on life. As this lovely lady always reminded us, “Do not procrastinate. If you want to do something, do it now. Tomorrow may never come.”

And I too harp to friends and family ‘Life is short…life is short.’ 

Forgive and forget. Forgive others and forgive yourself too.

No one is perfect. If we all were, I think heaven would be overtly overpopulated. The imperfections, the blemishes are sometimes those nuances that make an individual unique.

You love someone say it, hate someone say it, miss someone, tell them and don’t like something, say it. We can’t be politically correct all the time.  Misunderstandings, misconceptions, anger, hurt, etc are all a part of life. We must ask ourselves; “If I had a few hours to live, would all this matter?” 

No…no… no. Would you waste your time on the negative or prioritize the positives? Spend time with people you love, do things that you enjoy and make you happy.

I sure do or at least I can I am trying to. I am trying to be a better version of me. 

I am happy that I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I love spending time with them, laughing with them, crying with them, arguing with them. That’s what makes life worth living, when you are surrounded by people you love and those that love you back. 

Life is short….and times moves swiftly. There are no rewinds, no pauses, no fast forwards like a DVD player so enjoy every moment. I again reiterate 

Live like there’s no tomorrow. Be wild and free. Life is not to be lived with mediocrity 

Love with all your heart that your cup overfloweth.

Laugh loudly and genuinely like nobody is watching…with teeth and all.

Pray – yes pray…. Have conversations with God. It helps.

Who has seen tomorrow! 

I’ll just end with a poem that I wrote:


At an unearthly hour at night,he heard a loud knock on the door,standing there was a ravishing lady dressed in black,from head to her black nailed toe.She looked him in the eye and said “Darling,I hope you’re ready.It’s high time we leave .”His face turned ashen and ghastly white,shoulders slumped in his night shirt sleeves.He cried and begged “Oh please, please do let me stay!I’m not ready yet, surely not today.”I’ve just become a new father a month ago,I’d love to be part of my daughter’s life,watch her take her first step, watch her grow.I’d love to see her graduate,earn her first pay.Fall in love, get married,be a grandfather, some day.I want to grow old with my beloved wife,my childhood sweetheart.We’d promised we’d never desert one another,till death do us apart.Please dear lady, please spare me, I’m only thirty four,there’s lots for me to do in this world,time I need some more.”The lady in black sat herself down,from her pocket she pulled out a black bookshe had targets to achieve night and day,from Mother Earth’s every nook.She stood up and said ” I guess today’s your lucky night, my friendtoday you’re spared,your life will not end.In your place, I’ll take the old man from the next house,He’s a ripe old ninety four,but I’ll be back for you fifty years from now my friend,knocking on this very same door!”

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