Life As An Anti-Social

Life As An Anti-Social

Being anti-social as looked from different perspective isn’t negative dogma. It’s a kind of defensive mechanism most of people use to defend themselves spritually and mentally. On intellectual level this idea of exulansis promote alternative positivity. Human mind have whole universe within and in this universe there are some dimension or you can say alternative realms created from own imagination and some individuals named as “introverts” prefer to choose a path lead to these imaginative world. 

Sadly this kind of psycological defensive mechanism tend to lead individuals to hallucination, infinity phase anxiety,depression, and they find it hard to alternate between real and imaginative world. To me i think people who commit suicide are these kind of people in general most of them are introverts.
Things like ethics,morals and dignity remained unfocused since from the begining there is always a thing which need to be remembered by every individual that there is a line identical to single human hair and every person in the psycological means have their own personal space and respect which is often misunderstood by person kindness. 
And everything happens for a reason and circumatances created by us give birth to them..


Don’t know how i can write those words Maybe it’s because life gave some harsh lessons so i can become a diamond from coal.

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