Lies Are Good For the Economy


Prelude: Nietzche said, “truth is an error
we can’t live without,
but only lies can promise to expand your life!”

Thin coats of sea ice float
on great oceans of life
fill streams of conscious rote
with blood of human strife.
We hope with conviction
ripped by faith, truth, and lies
trade new light for fiction
to axe our frozen sighs.
Dance this circle and suppose
lies address our passions
our secret inside knows
truths will freeze emotions.
Obscurity is safer
murkiness sometimes good
truth looks like the answer
where faith, fables once stood.
A war of delusion
with accord–reality.
Supreme form of lies is fiction!
Bloody streams filled with debris.
Legends are lies for good
building blocks for good manners
fountains flow with falsehood
eclipse aged truth fakirs.
Mundane truths vs. thrilling lies
prevail to avoid ruin
good memory applies
to disguise a demon.
Reality is in distorting;
truth needs wit.
Lost wishes are the sin
from sugar to s_it/grit.
Fill the blood stream with lies
deceive the deceiver
whose failure life requires
music without a singer.
In deft of masquerades
lies a refuge from truth
one begets social aids
the option often uncouth.
For lies that wound and stab
can part a sea within
travel faster than gab
don’t end once they begin.

The truth about the truth
if everybody told it
aging would have no youth,
jobs are lost that’s legit.
No more lawyers, juries
cops or shrinks, priests are out
no Credit Default Swaps
no more cop-outs or doubt.
Lies, lies for the common good
builds civility.
We’re shocked to find falsehoods
can fill words with some beauty.
Treasure this expansive life
superficial truths end in strife
and lies about life are rife.
How much truth can we stand
till our moral rage is fanned,
or we shrug and give age a hand?
Can lies be normal misbehavior?

Latin: Amicure, deliciae, num is sum qui meutiar tibi?
Translation: “Baby, sweetheart, would I lie to you?”

– By Herbert Siegel

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