A Library’s Old Lady

A Library's Old Lady

There is a library in a small town, by a river. In there, an old lady reads a book. The time is ticking in an endless rhyme, and the students are entering and going , randomly.

Many of the young boys and girls are stopping by the old lady’s chamber, just to say hello, just to put the smile on this cheerful old face. And the seasons of a students, as well as the nature’s are shifting by years and years to go.

One day, the news of the old lady’s death, will spread as a sudden winter’s cold. But there will be a question, remain unanswered-Why the old charming lady died so sad, so alone.

”There was a book”- you will hear the doorman speaks-”the unique, mysterious and completely unknown to the world, the book so lovely that it was favorite among the favorites of this charming lady, but there was no man, who opened the pages, interested enough to read it all.”


Dijana Zmija

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