Libra Tarot



You have been contemplating a lot of ideas and want to start a new venture or a project with a client/new client, the this is the right time to do it. Go ahead and start whatever you’ve put a hold on. The universe is asking you to act.


Many of you who have had opportunities in the past but have backed out due to fear, misgivings and doubts they should walk the path now. There will be a lot of motivation & inspiration this week and you will feel the need to work and expand.


This is the right time to take the right steps towards your dreams as things will start falling into the right place. They will work out for you as you keep moving forward.


Mantra: I have the courage to make the right choices for success.

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Paulamie Das
Life Coach, Manifestation Guide, Tarot Master, Yogin, Teacher, Author, Sacred Symbol Expert, Soul Communion Expert
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