Letting Toxic Friends Go: How To Move on From Toxic Friendships

How To Move on From Toxic Friendships

It’s okay to not have many friends, as long as those friends that surround you are the true friends.

They’re the ones that matter.

Your self-worth shouldn’t depend on how many people love you.

How many friends you have on social media.

You’re rich if you have a small posse of very great and beautiful friends around you.

So, let go of anyone who is even mildly toxic in your life and become a minimalist.

We’re all trying to become minimalist and declutter our houses and lives.

Getting rid of all the junk that surrounds us.

Clear out the friendships that don’t add value to your life.

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Don’t be afraid to trust your gut and say to yourself:

Is this person true to who I really am?

Are they aligned with my core values or not?

Is this friendship two-way? Or one-way?

Is it draining me?

Am I getting anything back in return for what I put into it?

It’s time to declutter and surround yourself with a small handful of friends who matter.


Written by Vivian Mc Grath
Originally appeared on VivianMcGrath.com

How To Move on From Toxic Friendships

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