Letting Go and Holding On: The Entanglement of Love

Letting Go and Holding On: The Entanglement of Love

Inevitably, when a person has not truly “left” his or her own family-of-origin (including psychological separation or differentiation), he or she will – intentionally or unintentionally – carry the burden of the previous generation into their marital and parent-child relationships. Therefore, it is important to give time to examine and understand ourselves and our relationship with our family-of-origin, so that we can break free from the invisible shackles of our old wounds or unquestioned values.


As Jesus said to his disciples, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

Dear friends, are you struggling whether to let go or hold on to something or someone right now? Do you know where your “treasure” is? Be it choosing to let go or hold on, will your decision help you move towards a life with greater freedom?

True freedom lies in having no fear of loss, and no hope of gain. May we find greater freedom within ourselves to live out our true self, as we learn to discern between letting go and holding on to the very thing that matters most.

Written by DR NG WAI SHENG Originally appeared in DR NG WAI SHENG

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Letting Go and Holding On: The Entanglement of Love
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