Letter to The Father of my Child

Letter to The Father of my Child

By the time you’re reading this, our lives have intertwined and miraculously created another. Congratulations, you are a father.

I write these words, not knowing if our short fate will permit us to be together long. Therefore, I must send you these words.

Be present in our child’s life.

I will not hinder a healthy relationship from blossoming. Come, visit, play with them. Even if we live under the same roof, it is possible you may not see each other. Make room.

Learn their love language and become fluent in it.

 Don’t ever make our child feel unloved, or withhold blessings they deserve. If we have a son, teach him to be a man. If we have a daughter, demonstrate how a gentleman should treat her. Never compare her to her mother, maternal and/or paternal grandmothers, aunts, cousins, or friends. Let her live with an undisturbed sense of individuality.

In this life, we will forever be bound through this child.

Never forget or forsake that responsibility. If, one day, we are no longer together, and/or you leave me for another, that’s okay.

But, in life and death we shall forever be intertwined, because you are the father of my child.

~ j. grey

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