Let’s walk

Let's walk
Let’s walk 
To dive deeper into the rising rays
To gaze the dance of the flower that sways
Let’s walk 
To giggle along  the whispering of trees
To tap our feet on the buzzing of bees
Let’s walk 
To gather the pearls like dew that falls
To unveil the peace far from daily bawls
Let’s walk
To set our eyes on the soothing moonlight
To cherish the boggling horizon sight
Let’s walk 
To relive what’s left far behind
To follow our heart , a bit rest to the mind
Let’s walk 
To  dance alongwith  the daffodils
To scream ,cry and stand still
From dawn to dusk,walk.
Find a blank board,carry a chalk
Fly high,maybe before the clock
Before life ends finish your walk.

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