Let’s Uncomplicate Life

Let's Uncomplicate Life

In this fast growing world where advancement and technological progress have reached its boom, sad to say, human life is getting crushed beneath various ailments. Depression is one of them. In India, 10% of the total population are depressed and day by day the percentage is increasing at an alarming rate. Surprisingly, some are aware of it while many others shrug off the thought when they come to realise it. As a result, many untoward incidents keep happening from time to time.

  Depression, one of the deadliest disease today, is spreading like an epidemic taking its toll to about 350,000 people every year around the world. Researches conducted have proved that women (double than men)are the worst affected due to the continual hormonal changes in their body. Not only adults, children, teenagers and even old people are entangled by this deadliest disease.

  So, now the question is- what is depression?

 Psychologists define depression as the state of unhappiness caused due to lack of awareness about one’s own inner self. And doctors state headaches, disturbed sleep, lack of concentration and confidence, erratic mood swings, extreme fatigue to be some of the most common symptoms of depression.

But, then the question is- what causes depression?

  Causes of depression– Though loss of loved ones, stress, past or recent incidents/trauma, health conditions (like suffering from heart problems or cancer), medicines or inherent genetic tendency are a few reasons for depression yet it cannot be denying the fact that man’s high expectations with too many desires have entangled him in the mesh of anxiety and depression-things that were quite unknown in the past. 


 High Expectations

Man today is highly ambitious. To be successful is the new mantra of life. He wants success. Success which is measured in terms of money. And in this craze of becoming successful, he turns into a machine running all the time chasing his dreams, thereby pushing away all the other things that are more important to keep him healthy and happy. He hardly finds any time for himself- to relax or freshen up his mind. He feels he would find satisfaction and happiness in attaining success. But he is unaware that true happiness lies elsewhere-where he finds peace and joy by fulfilling his wishes. Today’s man is much complicated- never satisfied with what he has. The more he gets, the more he wants. As a result, he remains dissatisfied and in this weird chase, happiness eludes from him and he becomes depressed.


  Comparing with others-Often we compare ourselves with others. And in doing so, we set higher goals for ourselves. Hence, our expectations grow and we become so obsessed in attaining that goal that we push away all the other things that we like enjoying. Thus, in want of finding happiness and peace we get exhausted and become depressed.


  Fear- By setting high expectations, a nagging feeling lurks in our heart. And that is-our fear of failure. The constant fear erodes us from beneath and we become depressed. Now to overcome depression we must know, what is fear?

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