Let’s Talk Feelings

 March 05, 2019

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2) Talk to yourself. Okay, I know this sounds weird and you think that you will probably look demented, but seriously, talk to yourself about it. You are your own therapist. No psychiatrist or psychologist can understand your situation better than you do. Self-cure lasts the longest.
Moving on…

You are in a situation which is urging you to cry. Maybe you’re nostalgic or sad, the main thing is, you want to cry and you just can’t. You feel like you can but when you scrunch up your face to let those tears fall out, you feel tired and you don’t feel any tears building up. As a result, your feelings get bottled up and you have a hard time getting over those emotions. This is because you have been used to keeping your feelings inside of you this whole time. Earlier you refused to cry when your body wanted to and now your body refuses to cry when you want to. It’s simple payback…

Dealing with this is a little difficult and takes a lot of time. 

But you can start off by writing. Not on a daily basis. Just whenever you’re angry or want to cry, grab any piece of paper and scribble down how you feel. And don’t worry about not being able to describe how you feel. Just scatter some words that may relate to how you feel. Then, go into a bathroom or a secluded place where no one can hear you. Take that piece of paper, read it out aloud to yourself and then tear it into bits and pieces and throw it into the bin.
You see, feelings are scary, no doubt. They are elating but they can be degrading as well. But you also need to know that the best person to help you deal with this is you; because no one else knows what dilemma you’re in and what kind of tight shoes are you trying to fit in. They just don’t know. They may offer ways to help or emotional support but they can’t get into your mind and tune it for you, that is something you have to build up the guts for and go it alone.

It is tough. It is hard. You may want to give up. But you should know that life is a rocky boat and you’re only getting started, there’s much more to life that you could’ve ever thought. Life is very long and we are always young, the day you realise this, you won’t be needing anything or anyone other than you and then negative feelings will stop to matter. You will numb yourself to negativity just as you did earlier with positivity.

I won’t use the word happier because I feel it’s overrated, but I can assure you that you will feel at home, again, with yourself…in your skin, perfectly holding up to challenges and sailing through the storm like you do through a smooth sea.