Let Them Go

Let Them Go

You can feel that you’re starting to drift apart. Slowly but surely, the space that once filled sweet memories is now filled with void. You no longer hear their happy stories or even the sad ones. And when you had a great day, they no longer hear all about it because you’re unsure if they would be interested.

Whether it’s a friend or a love interest, watching a relationship slipping away from your hands can feel disappointing… but that doesn’t mean you have failed that bond. Most of the time, it is simply because you outgrew that friendship and you must go on your own way.

Distance, time, and circumstances may come into your mind to be blamed for. But the truth is sometimes there’s nothing to blame. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes we must go through these changes. And you know what? It’s worth celebrating! With the change, you can learn to step forward, move on, or challenge yourself to be in places that maybe feel unfamiliar but forces you to grow.

With the space you have on your own, you can reflect and think more clearly. You have more time to deeply reconnect with yourself — the most important person to be close to.

What if being on your own could lift the fog and help clear the path for wonderful things to happen for you? Would you take a step forward and save that space for your own growth?

Haven’t you noticed? Day by day you grew into the wonderful person you are right now… Life keeps going and it isn’t always smooth, yet you survived each day. Even though it can feel challenging, every moment and every change you have been through was valuable. Soon you will understand that growing is such a beautiful process and to have the time to fully appreciate that process is a privilege.

I could only imagine the things you will accomplish, the challenges you will conquer, the beautiful things that will bless your day, the worries that will perish right before your eyes… these wonderful things are waiting for you to be ready, to be brave, to be on your own.

It can be scary but don’t you worry. Once you’re back on your feet, facing the world with courage and love, you would be so happy light would shine from you… that light would brighten your day and shine your way. You would be so glad to take that step forward, to take that leap of faith in yourself… that courage deep within will be your anchor and the faith you held in your heart would be your compass.

One day you would look back smiling at all the moments you have shared. Because people can come and go, but memories stay. Late-night talks you have shared, adventures you have gone, and songs you sang together are still there. You can still hold them in your heart and let their hands go at the same time. And if one day they came back in your thought, wish them well and send them good thoughts. Because even though you’re far apart, you can still love them in your heart.

I know you can do this,
It’s okay, let them go…

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