Let Him Choose Her

Let Him Choose Her
If that time finally comes that you’re no longer the one who puts the smile on his face and you know there’s someone else who is taking that place, then please let him choose her.
If he begs you not to leave him while he’s already committed with that someone, then please walk away. While a part of you is still holding on to the good memories and all that you believed about him, you know for a fact that the best thing to do is to move on. You don’t need even the slightest portion of his time and attention. You’re better off without him.
Please don’t stay when you know it’s over. He claims of liking you but he’s right there calling someone else. The thought of waiting for you scares him and he doesn’t even fear the thought of losing you. Perhaps, the kind of love he wants to offer are all made up of sugar coated words and fake promises and that’s not the kind of love you deserve.
Let him choose her. Let her translate all the sweet words that once made you fall and let her speak the language he wants to hear. Maybe she’ll understand more of what you understood when you tried to read into the depths of his soul. Let her do all the things that you should have been supposedly doing. Thank her because she saves you so much time and energy for doing so.
Let him choose her because he doesn’t deserve you. He might think that she has found the sweetest, most caring girl who is better than you in all the ways but no, she’s not! You know you have so much more to offer when it comes to love.You are simply the best for the right guy and it finally hits you so hard that that isn’t him.
Let her have him because you are not a backup plan or a second choice. For sure, you wouldn’t want to be with someone who is so uncertain about you so please let the other girl takes him away from you.
Let him choose her because he doesn’t love you and probably never did because if he does, there shouldn’t be any choice – you’re supposed to be the answer. It might hurt for awhile but come to think of it – you lost someone who doesn’t love you so it’s not a loss for you. 
Just let him be with her because you shouldn’t be fighting for a spot in his heart. You should gladly give him up. He’s not worthy of your precious time, utmost loyalty, purest trust and genuine love! 
You deserve a guy who knows your worth and who doesn’t need to choose. Someone who knows right from the start that it’s only you who he wants and he can prove to you that his love is real. For him, it’s just you and always you – no ifs, no buts, no other excuses.
Save your heart for the best one. You know he isn’t the one so please let him choose her. You deserve someone better.

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