Why You Should Let Go The Control Freak Inside You

Let Go Control Freak Inside You

Because most of us have been programmed with all sorts of disempowering thoughts and beliefs, it can be very challenging to think for yourself. At first it may be nearly impossible to stop or control your thoughts, but you do have the power to let go of thoughts that do not support you simply by turning your attention away from them time after time, for as many times as it takes, until those thoughts stop appearing. You might have to turn your attention away from a single negative thought a thousand times before it loses power and disappears, but it is worth it. How long would you cut through chains in order to free yourself? As long as it takes because the alternative is staying imprisoned.

We are speaking about taking your energy back from ineffective attempts at controlling life and giving your full attention to the one thing that has any power to influence anything.

Instead of trying to control the world, become the Master of Your Mind and allow the world to flow through you!

This is your ONLY power but this is the greatest power in the Universe.

Let go of your own control and those who have controlled you will no longer have access to you or your energy; as you release control, those forces that have controlled your thinking are also released so that they have no power over you. You don’t need to undo all the programing and control mechanisms. You only need to give your trust to the Source of Life. This act of Deep Trust inactivates all man-made programs – because it aligns you with the Truth of Who You Really Are.

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Just a five-minute practice

If you have been practicing control your whole life, it can be challenging to let go, but that does not mean that you cannot do it. In fact, the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more ease you invite into your life.

The practice of letting go that I have found to be most powerful and effective is letting go to this moment. Imagine, in this moment only, you can let go of everything in your life – all your worries, obligations, roles, identities, stresses and everything else. In this moment you can be free of all of it. Place your focus on your breath as you release all your attachments, thoughts and beliefs, to this moment. Letting go to this moment brings you immediately into presence – where all your power dwells.

Breathe into the space that letting go opens up for you. Repeat several times a day, or discover your own best way to let go. Letting go is as easy as exhaling.

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Letting go is the ‘Abracadabra’ of the Universe!

Whenever you cease to cling to yourself and you let go of control, you tap into the unlimited power of the Universe. The act of letting go plugs you into infinite knowledge – heightening your intuition, fine-tuning decision-making ability, inspiring powerful actions and aligning you with synchronistic experiences on a daily basis. Letting go is the secret behind every truly happy and successful person and is the precipitating event for real-life miracles. This vast power is accessed in direct proportion to your voluntary ability to let go. You will likely discover that the more you trust life, the more life becomes trustworthy. This is your invitation to tap into the Magic and Miracles of the Universe.

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Nanice.com

Republished with permission.
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Why You Should Let Go The Control Freak Inside You
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