Let me go swimming in the depths of your soul

Let me go swimming in the depths of your soul
Sunny Marie

Let me go swimming
in the depths of your soul?
May I read the pages of your dustiest,
oldest, most hidden books?
I do not want to harm,
nor destroy, merely to learn.
How to Love you properly.

Sarrvesh Waran

We have so much within us,
like a book.
And as we talk,
into our souls, we take a look.
We walk past the parts of our soul.
And talk about things
that make us whole.

Denise Mowlem

Of all the stories in my life
YOU are the one closest
to my HEART

Shaz Machin

May I touch your heart?
For it speaks Volumes.

Nyochang Sarah Njiwah

The best stories aren’t
stored on paper but in the heart
I’ll let you read them
cause you reside in my heart

Sulekha Pande

Step by step,
I go up,
looking for your chapters,
as I come, closer and closer,
I read you, like a book,
let me in, let me read,
I wanna see,
every corner and nook…

Anubha Sharma

It was deep inside him
that he had hidden
the real treasure,
His wealth of knowledge
had no measures;
It took her a lot of effort
to reach where no one else could,
To fathom the depth
of this vast ocean,
oh, it felt so good.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Read me like a book,
I am as open as it can be.
Not just a cursory look,
Worth your time to understand me.
Might be complex sometime,
Don’t let it stop you.
You don’t like it, not a crime,
Time for you to look
at something new.

Debra Pry

He was an open book,
And well-read.
She was thirsty.
And craved his naked soul.
She wanted to be a part of his story..
Knowledge was power.

Michael Hodder


Will she read another chapter
A book or the whole library
Swimming in each and every thought
Will she climb on him carefully

Will he reveal to her the parts
That made him who he came to be
His vulnerability his strength
Will he give everything to she

Will they be once upon a time
Another tale, poem or story
Together writing their life right
Will they share it inspiringly?

Rinku Shah

If you’re ready to dive in,
It’s a situation where we win.
The heart of a well read man,
Is worth adding to your plan.
Take a chance,
More worthy than just a glance!

Jeremy Anderson

The truth you seek
is inside you already.

Emma Grenham

Don’t be afraid to open up
and share your knowledge
with everyone.

Ttmmrr Ttmmrr Richardson

Knowledge is the key
to the heart.

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