Let go of the superficial attires

Let go of the superficial attires
Ravina Jain

Let go of the superficial attires,
Materialistic desires;
And see the real you rise
from your depths within
Real enlightenment begins from self

Deborah Ward

The true self
eventually will show
it’s true colors

Debra Pry
Debra Pry

I am more than this body and skin.
I am soul.

Hrisha Paul

The Being emerges
when awareness
is the only choice
by your higher self.

Anindya J Ganguly

I remove the cosmetic sense in me
Wrapping me in an orb of superficiality
As I travel the course of life & living
To attain my true form of identity.
A sense of sensuality & nirvana, I call it.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Inside of the vanity that life is
A soulful existence that is bliss
Little do we get to realize it
A few who do, get to live it bit by bit.

Sarrvesh Waran

At last I can shed off the human skin
and be what I am within.
At last I can peel off
the layer of perishable polish
and have some quality time.
Have some enlightenment for myself,
with myself and by myself.

Rinku Shah

Simply shedding
what no longer serves me
Found a new way to be.
An internal waking up
to what’s been happening
A spiritual awakening.
This is the real me
That has been set free!

Michie Michele

Shedding the skin of
who you thought you were
to become who you are
supposed to be.

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