Let Go of What you Want

Let Go of What you Want

The list is endless—and it’s all just bananas.

That monkey could go into the wilderness and get a better banana, for free, maybe even with enough to go around, but he can’t let go of his attachment to getting this one banana. Beyond the attachment to the banana itself, he can’t let go of what he needs to do to get the banana he wants.

Let Go of What you Want

My bananas were somewhere in a vast wilderness, scary as anything. But, free from the mental captivity of “this is how you get bananas” and “this is the banana I have to have,” so much that I’d give up my essence to obtain it.

Partnerships and motherhood came easy to me.

Simply because I could take it or leave it. If it came, I’d find a way to see it as a blessing.

If it didn’t, I’d find a way to see it as a blessing. If it left, I’d find a way to see it as a blessing.

I never wanted it enough to give up on it completely after a disappointment, and I never completely wanted it enough to give up my true essence for it.

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I focused on how I wanted to feel. And swung to a different tree if I didn’t feel 100% like myself. In the process of not sitting in the branches hoping for the tree to change or grow me more bananas, of not tainting my life experience with being stuck in the same tree when I could’ve roamed free, or having my hand stuck in someone else’s trap for what my life should feel like, I found a whole forrest with my name written all over it. Here, the bananas are endless.

People miss this part: they miss the thing they’re really wanting.

The monkey might want the banana because he’s hungry or because he’s bored. The banana is just a symbol of what he really wants. Food or a toy to play with.

If I wanted a relationship, I found ways to be in an intimate relationship with everyone I knew.

I became radically honest and crazy authentic. If I wanted kids, I’d go teach someone else’s kids if I didn’t already have them.

If I wanted a better house, I’d say every day how grateful I am for the one I’ve already got.

I’m not confused about what I want. What I want is to quench my thirst for life. Not having the glass I want to drink it out of isn’t going to stop me from cupping my hands and drinking it from a raging river.

A friend once stuck out her open hand in a cupped position and said, “If I poured water into my hand, how would I keep it?” I stared. She replied, “If I closed my hand to keep the water, it would all slip through my fingertips. The only way I can keep it, is by keeping it open.”

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I remained open to how things would come and how things would go. This way of being has led me to places I’d never dare to dream of, inside of myself and inside of my life.

Let go of your bananas. Let Go of What you Want

Stay open.

Drink whatever water tastes good no matter what container it comes in.

It all comes.

This, I promise.

Let Go of What you Want
Let Go of What you Want
Let Go of What you Want
Let Go of What you Want

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  1. All beautiful, but honestly what is the difference between holding on to expectations and pursuing a dream? I, for example, chase the goal of being the best golfer I can be. Some days I tell myself I shouldn’t. That I’ll always be chasing that dangling carrot. But most days I feel like if I stop trying I will eventually find myself on my death bed thinking ‘what if …?’ if I quit.

    1. When you expect, you’re living in the future, you’re putting stress and pressure on yourselves that you must obtain the goal , otherwise you’ll suffer.
      Pursuing a dream is all about enjoying the moment of pursuit, not the moment when you achieve your dream. It’s all about practicing mindfulness and living in the present

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