“Let it go !!” – Mind Talk

“Life is, just another name for ‘moving on’!”….
It’s no doubt the hardest thing in life, but it’s the best decision to be in tranquility and peace again.
It’s okay to look back and think of memories, good and worst ; but to get stuck in the past and dwell on the future is losing our ‘Present Beautiful Moment’ .
It hurts…… but keeping grudges, nursing grievances and blaming on ‘you name it’ will only make us powerless and hapless.
All our feelings are legitimate… it’s important and vital to feel them fully but it’s wise to ‘move on’.
“To hold on to the past is reliving the pain over and over again!!”
“Let it go”

Written by Monika Ajay Kaul

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3 thoughts on ““Let it go !!” – Mind Talk”

  1. All life forms can move… so theres no reason for us not to keep on moving… we breath, we live, we talk, with our hearts beating… this doesn’t excuse us from being stuck on something.. HUMANS as we are.. we need to accept and understand we all Have a LIFE.. LETS keep on going… ??????

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