Let Go

It’s hard to tell

this silly heart of mine

that the one it holds so dear

is no longer mine.

and it will be okay

it will be fine,

and we both know

there’s no turning back time.

for all those times

I looked deep in your eyes

for those times

your hands held mine

for all those tears

that stung so clear

for all the ache

that made us break

for all that love

that was easy to make

for all those nights

spent in Awake…

I raise a glass

and toast this waste

“Here’s to the tears,

here’s to the ache,

here’s to the pain

I couldn’t explain.

here’s to the make

and the break,

here’s to the cracks

and the lacks.

here’s to the me

who was too much,

here’s to the you

I loved too much.”

and in the night sky

I send you goodbye

sealed with a kiss,

you I will miss.

let go, let go,

let go I must

in this hard road, I trust.

no sound no crash

not a whimper to match

the way my heart breaks

the way it aches.

but go I must,

no matter what it takes…

~natasha sarin


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