14 Beautiful Lessons We Can Learn From Failed Relationships

5) Lust doesn’t stay forever

When we initially get attracted towards someone we feel a certain rush of chemicals in our brains. This is why we feel butterflies in the stomach and we want to spend every waking minute talking to or texting that person. But this phase of lust doesn’t last for long.

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It is when lust fades away, we can truly know if we have any love for the person.

If we still care for their wellbeing and want to see them happy even when the initial attraction has faded away, then we are really in love.

Love is when you can be completely yourself with the other person without any fear or being judged and you also accept all of them: the good, the bad and the ugly.


6) Some relationships are just lessons and not meant to last forever

Some relationships are meant to come into our lives to teach us forgiveness and letting go gracefully. They are meant to help us evolve and grow into better versions of ourselves. When we are able to learn the lesson and let go graciously, we prepare ourselves emotionally and spiritually for better relationships in future.


7) Relationships we enter into are a direct reflection of our self-worth

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The relationships we enter into are a direct reflection of where we are in life.
If we find ourselves being very reactive in relationships, it means that we have wounds we have not yet healed completely.

The triggers that we face in relationships are meant to direct our attention to where we need to work on. Sometimes people come into our lives to make us evolve into a better version of ourselves and leave when their role in our life is over.

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