14 Beautiful Lessons We Can Learn From Failed Relationships

14 Beautiful Lessons We Can Learn From Failed Relationships

The initial phases of lust and attraction don’t last long. Therefore, if we want our relationship to last longer, we need to connect on a deeper level than surface level things.

If our partner is also our best friend then we share a bonding with them that goes beyond just physical and mental compatibility.

11) Compromise is a two way street

Love means extending yourself for the well being of another. But compromise is a two way street.
You and your partner should meet other midway. If it is only one person doing all the compromises, then it is not love but self-sacrifice and it is not sustainable.


12) Be yourself

You should be comfortable enough to be 100% yourself in front of your partner.
If you feel like you have to put on a mask to impress your partner, then this is a huge red flag.
You cannot fake something that you are not your entire life- if your partner cannot love and accept you exactly as you are –then they are not the right person for you.


13) Compatibility is the key

It does not matter how much head over heels you are in love with someone, if you guys are not compatible, your relationship cannot be long lasting, happy and fulfilling.

While no people can agree on all the points but you and your partner should have enough common factors to keep you together for a long time. You need to be compatible in terms of your lifestyle choices and life values.

If your partner does not like kids at all and you love kids, if you like to travel and your partner is a homebody, if you are spiritual and your partner is a homebody, it would be a little difficult to navigate life.

It is important to have a discussion with your partner beforehand about these lifestyle choices and see if you are compatible before committing to the long haul.


14) Love’s job is not to complete or validate you.

It is futile to seek love and validation from outside. When we look for someone else to complete us, we are just setting ourselves up for codependency issues.

If we do not feel complete and happy on our own, it is impossible to feel complete and happy in a relationship either.

You may feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship for some time but yourself worth issues will crop up again and again till you deal with your internal wounds on your own.

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14 Beautiful Lessons We Can Learn From Failed Relationships 14 Beautiful Lessons We Can Learn From Failed Relationships

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