5 Lessons I Learnt About Being Successful From My Life Threatening Experience

5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Life Threatening Experience


3. Don’t Give Up

5 Lessons I Learnt About Being Successful From My Life Threatening Experience
5 Lessons I Learnt About Being Successful From My Life Threatening Experience

There was so much adrenaline running through my body that when I felt my hands cling on to the rock I had no idea that I was bleeding. The barnacles had seriously cut up my legs & stomach. Waves kept crashing on my head as the boogie board tethered to my ankle flopped around in the water.

I thought safety was on the other side of this rock. I was wrong. The water was just as deep and there was another sharper rock behind it. But, I had already come this far and I was NOT going to give up now.

“How long should you try? Until.” ―Jim Rohn

Things don’t always go as planned, but you already knew that. To be successful by any means you must be persistent. You can’t give up when things get hard. You must be prepared to move forward undeterred towards your goal. Give yourself permission to be detached from the results of your actions so that you are able to easily redirect when necessary. If I had given up when I realized what was on the other side of the rock, I simply wouldn’t be here.


4. Finish The Job

I was going to live. I have a lot to live for and too much I want to do. I simply was not going to allow myself to drown, even if I had to drag myself across 10 rocks to get to shore. I was going to finish the job.

“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.” ― Neil Gaiman

You made a decision, committed to a plan of action, and chose not to give up when things got hard. Now you have to finish the job. Setting out to achieve success on your own terms is not for the faint of heart. It takes a strong disposition to be able to endure the ups and downs of building a successful business and purposeful life.

Your greatest asset is your track record. When you consistently do what is required regardless of the challenges you become invaluable to those around you. Even if you work alone, consistently finishing the job builds your resilience and subject matter expertise.


5. Express Gratitude

Finally, I made it safely to the sand. I was bloody and tired as hell, but most importantly I was grateful to be alive.

I have had many days where I feel like I had to drag myself over sharp rocks in order to accomplish certain things. Days when all that I have overcome make me feel bloody, tired and ready to collapse on the sand. However, I’m always grateful for the opportunity to be able to do anything at all. Your small accomplishments are just as important as your large ones.

“Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.”  – Rhonda Byrne

When you achieve what you set out to accomplish celebrate it. Thank yourself, your tribe and whatever higher power you answer to. You didn’t get to where you are alone, even I needed the rocks to help me get out of the water.

From the shore, I admired the power of the ocean. The lessons I learned washed over me. At that moment I knew I was different. Are you ready to conquer your responsibilities? Apply these 5 lessons and coach yourself to success in business & life.


Final Thoughts

Being successful the easy way is a myth. Just like the ocean, life is going to hit you with powerful waves that might knock you off your feet. The important thing is whether you choose to drown or fight to live. No matter what life throws at you, you need to be strong enough and prepared enough to fight it and emerge victoriously.

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