7 Anxiety Remedies You Never Heard About

Anxiety Remedies Never Heard About

I was already eating plenty of veggies, but I started sprinkling chia seeds on my salads for additional fiber and eating sauerkraut a few times per week since it’s fermented. I also started taking a probiotic containing lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. (Note that probiotics may not be okay to take with certain health conditions.)

Want to know more anxiety remedies? Check this video out below!

Anxiety remedies

6. Get a dose of Oxy.

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding, I was pretty much anxiety-free. I had high-risk pregnancies and I worried about my babies, but it wasn’t the kind of disordered out-of-control for-no-good-reason anxiety I have experienced at other times in my life. I’m fairly convinced that I have oxytocin to thank for keeping me calm while carrying and caring for my babies.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and hormone that is released in high amounts during pregnancy and breastfeeding and it has been shown to be associated with relaxation and emotional stability.

The cool thing is that you can activate the release of oxytocin yourself by:

  • Full-body hugging a loved one for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cuddling with a pet.
  • Rubbing your own face and scalp with your fingers for a couple of minutes.
  • Massaging the vagus nerve at the back of your head where your neck meets the skull.

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7. Become post-it notes’ #1 customer.

You may have noticed that this list has mostly consisted of things related to optimizing your physical well-being. And for good reason. While mental and physical health have traditionally operated in mostly separate spheres, I believe that the two are very much interconnected.

If your body doesn’t have the chemicals with which to produce calm, no amount of rationalizing or “thinking positive” is going to give you the results you are after.  

With that being said, I have found that nurturing your mind matters just as much as nurturing your body. As a matter of fact, two-thirds of my book is not about your body directly, but about ways to work with your mind. About how to work with your mind to actually do what you need to do with your body. And about how to process fears and worries in your mind before they have a chance to morph into anxiety monsters.

And what the hell does all this have to do with Post-It Notes? Well, Post-It Notes (or any other scraps of paper) are the bomb when you are trying to implement any kind of mindset or thought pattern change. Switching the pathways in your brain from one way of automatic thinking to another way of automatic thinking requires a whole bunch of reminding and repetition.  

And this is where plastering your house with Post-It Notes comes in. They can remind you that you are safe. That you are strong. That you are not alone.  

That you may feel stuck right now, but things can get better.     

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Written By Anni Poikolainen
Originally Appeared In Solutions To All Your Problems
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7 Anxiety Remedies You Never Heard About
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