Why You Should Smudge Your House Backed By Science

But before we start smudging our households, to cleanse it, we need to know a lot about how and where does smudging come from. It isn’t something that comes easily to people who aren’t native to a particular culture, and it is easy to hurt some culture, by our own ignorance. This is why Native American practitioners like Cat Criger, consider it important to be respectful and learn how to handle the herbs according to traditional protocols.

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“To understand the protocol means you have to learn something about aboriginal people. So in a sense the medicines are working in a kind way, saying ‘learn about me and we can respect each other and we can walk together,’ ” Criger advises. “Native American medicines must be treated with reverence, so once you’ve acquired the herbs, clear out a bookshelf or an honored place in your home that is above waist height to store them. You may want to find birch baskets to keep them in.”

Why You Should Smudge Your House 2

When starting to smudge your house, it is essential to find bundles of white sage, for they are found in most medicinal stores, and also present online. But, what is truly important, is knowing why you are doing this, and what purpose does it serve you.

Focus on the negativity that you want to dispel from your life, and after lighting the flame, make sure to blow it in the direction you want the flame to cleanse the energy until there are only embers left. Don’t worry about this extinguishing the flame, for this would only remove the energy. Also, you might need to relight it, which isn’t a big bother.

After that’s done, slowly start passing the sage all over your body, starting at the feet. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable, for they give out a very pleasant smell. Next, keep it with you, as you walk to different parts of the house, which you want to cleanse. This process needs to be done slowly, and you might need to burn the sage a few times.

Try it at the changing of a season, and don’t forget to open a window while you are at it.

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Why You Should Smudge Your House Backed By Science
Why You Should Smudge Your House Backed By Science

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