Who Is An Emotional Predator And 4 Ways To Escape From Their Prison

who is an emotional predator

Whatever anger, and pain they have in their heart because of their painful past, they want people to experience the same thing. That is why, they look for naive and good people, and hurt them in ways they were hurt.

Once you identify the signs that someone might be an emotional predator, you need to know how you can get out of their clutches, and cut ties with them for good.

Many times, victims don’t even realize that they are in a relationship with an emotional predator, and they subconsciously tend to defend everything their toxic partner does. This just gives the predator more fuel to abuse you, and manipulate you to the point where you start feeling emotionally drained and depressed all the time.

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So how can you know that you are in a relationship with an emotional predator?

In order to truly understand what kind of a relationship you are in, ask yourself these questions, and if you answer yes to most of them or all of them, then unfortunately you are in a relationship with an emotional predator.

  • Are you always feeling guilty about something or the other?
  • Are you always apprehensive and afraid of expressing your opinions, because you fear that your partner will lose their temper?
  • Do you always feel like somewhere down the line, you have lost yourself, and your essence?
  • Do you feel alone, and isolated, even when you are with your partner?
  • Have you lost touch with your family and friends, and it seems like it’s always just you and your partner?
  • Has your way of thinking changed drastically, and you are mirroring your partner’s thought process most of the time?
  • Have you stopped valuing yourself, and your feelings?
  • Have you shut yourself down emotionally?
  • Do you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time?
  • Do you need to walk on eggshells around your partner?
  • Do you find yourself justifying your partner’s toxic behavior all the time?
Emotional Predator
Emotional Predator

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Escape From An Emotional Predator’s Prison

1. Realize what is going on.

The very first step for breaking an emotional predator’s cycle of abuse is by knowing what is going on. The moment you realize their true colors, and see them for who they are, then only you will be able to leave them for good.

They might try to emotionally blackmail and manipulate you, but you have to be strong, and not fall for their crocodile tears and empty words.

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2. Understand exactly how an emotional predator is manipulating you.

As the victim, you need to understand and accept the fact that you were not guilty of anything that the emotional predator accused you of. It was always them. It was all them. Toxic people like them will always try to pin you down, and dump all their toxicity on you, solely because they in incapable of remorse.

That is why you need to stop justifying their bad behavior, and finally see them as they truly are: monsters. The more you excuse their behavior, the more they will dig their claws into you. The moment you call out their toxicity, you will break the cycle of abuse and will be able to leave for good.

3. Turn towards therapy if needed.

Not everyone is strong enough to get out of the clutches of their emotional predator and can have a hard time leaving them. In such cases, going to a psychologist or psychiatrist can be helpful, as they can help you see things in an objective way, and give you good advice about how you can leave your tormentor permanently.

Professional therapists can help you find yourself again, and also help you bring back your confidence, and inner strength.

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