5 Things You Must Do When Leaving A Sociopath

Things You Must Do When Leaving A Sociopath

Go No Contact and Non-Threat

2) Go no contact. Absolute zero contact.

Make it impossible for them to reach us. Do not reach out to them. All contact with a sociopath must stop. There’s great risk in staying connected to the sociopath behind the mask. We must block the sociopath, we must not contact them. We must not respond if they get through to us. They do try to make contact, or hoover except in specific, and rare cases.

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If they do reach us, we cannot respond. There are profound reasons for this. – In divorce have our attorney handle all communications. – Contacting them ourselves could hurt our divorce case. – Contact destroys our abuse claims in court. No contact is not a casual suggestion; It saves our future.

No Contact Is Easy-Peasy The We Really Get What They Are

New Numbers, New Devices

Change our phone numbers after leaving a sociopath. Maybe get a new phone. Block them in our phones, email, and all social media. Block everyone we know who knows them. – Use the “block” functions. Sociopaths usually try hard to stay connected. It’s so common it’s got a name: hoovering, like the vacuum cleaner brand because they’re attempting to suck us back i

Don’t forget about GPS trackers, which can be installed remotely – If you think they’re tracking you – get a new phone – or find out how to stop it.

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Change our Internet IP’s and Passwords

Delete all computers or devices from out internet user history. If At&T is your internet provider, log into your At&T account online – or create one. Look to see which laptops or devices such as, iPhones, iPods, Kindles, and all the rest logged online using your internet service.

Delete the IP addresses of the computers that aren’ yours. Then change your internet password. If the sociopath is tech-savvy change the IP address our internet is routed through. Call the internet provider and ask them to do this. – It’s all easier than it sounds.

Reconnect With People Who Love Us

3) Be near people who love us.

Stay clear of people who say: I told you so. I never liked him. This’s no time to be judged or questioned. This’s a time to be listened to, time to cry, and tell it. Talk it out. Tell it over and over. Tell our story until we’re done. Good, genuine people who truly care will be easy to identify. – Finding ourselves again will become our mission.

Keep in mind, it’s best not to save things that remind us of him or her. Clear and cleanse. Consider moving, but be sure to let big decisions settle before jumping into them. Consider a new bed. Paint the walls, paint the furniture, rearrange it; anything we can refresh, do it.

Look Towards the Real Love in Our Lives

Find People Who Know What We’re Going Through

4) Find support with people who know.

Not everyone will understand – or be able to handle what we’re going through. Only someone who’s been conned can understand; most of our friends will not understand as we break up with evil.

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Recovery sessions with Jennifer Smith, after narc abuse and coercive control. Heal PTSD
There can be a lot that doesn’t help: we don’t need to be labeled with a condition, or told we have no boundaries, or that we’re in denial or that we let this happen. – None of this applies in any way in these circumstances and is more damaging.

There’s More Than Hope

In recovery sessions with hundreds of people, just like you or I, around the globe, I’ve heard it all. None of us ensnared were ensnared because of anything to do with us specifically.

Our appeal is that we’re normal humans with hearts – no crime or Balme in that. We get to be what we are. Predators use and take, not because they’re allowed to, but because it’s what they are and what they do.

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