1. my most recent quotes (passed two days)
    my words are my records, facebook is tha trunk of my car. everyday i’m hustlin. – shin kwon
    there is nothing wrong with tha world, so there is nothing to complain about or criticize. – shin kwon
    accept or reject but never expect – shin kwon
    tha curious life is filled with ideas discovered and mysteries uncovered – shin kwon
    you are more than who you think you are. you are what you’ve done. you are many different things – shin kwon
    without inner peace, tha war within rages on – shin kwon
    selflessness begins with self interest – shin kwon
    you cannot see tomorrow when you are living for yesterday – shin kwon
    expectation will always eventually lead to disappointments – shin kwon
    i am a perceptionist. i see things perfectly – shin kwon
    you can create, avoid, or resolve a situation, and you become either instigator, victim, or rectifyer of circumstance – shinkwon
    if people took care and looked after themselves, we’d have no need for government – shin kwon
    right and wrong are mere perspectives, and relative to tha beholder – shin kwon
    debt is always fear based and is a form of control. monetary debt (property) to control your mind, spiritual debt (original sin) to enslave your soul – shin kwon
    jesus never said anything because jesus never existed. – shin kwon
    be happy what makes you happy – shin kwon
    i love everyone even though not everyone loves me and that is fine by me. – shin kwon
    make a wish, and then make it so – shin kwon
    you are always on your life’s path, no matter how lost you feel – shin kwon
    tha only things that ever happen is what was meant to happen, if wasn’t meant to be, it just doesn’t happen – shin kwon
    do not fret over time. you have an eternity to figure this shit out – shin kwon
    love and knowledge are alchemical, not precious metals – shin kwon
    some people have pink eye in tha mind’s eye. a stink eye
    – shin kwon
    life is reactive. who we are is our own reactions – shin kwon
    our evolution is at odds with tha status quo, tradition, and tha mundane – shin kwon
    all secret societies are social groups in gated communities – shin kwon
    true happiness is found in love and love is everywhere – shin kwon
    you become what you desire – shin kwon
    intellectuals have information. lovers have intuition. couple tha two and you have wisdom – shin kwon
    do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life – shin kwon
    if you can’t find a way to do it yourself, make a way. you are a pioneer – shin kwon
    without love, nothing can be created or accomplished. for it was out of love creation exists – shin kwon
    you are always you. when have you not been you. even during out of body experiences and psychotic episodes, you will always be you no matter what you say or think – shin kwon
    love is tha greatest force in tha world, and yet it still needs your permission to work. surrender to tha greatest power that will ever exist and become powerful – shin kwon
    if it wasn’t destiny then it wouldn’t have happened – shin kwon
    tha intellectual is tha immovable object, love is tha irresistible force. love wins irrefutably when love disarms your defenses – shin kwon
    what is hypocrisy when existence is a paradox? – shin kwon
    philosophy is public domain and property is theft, especially intellectual property. – shin kwon
    lead by example and inspire others to follow suit – shin kwon
    philosophy, it is what i do for a living n*gga~! it’s how eat for a living n*gga. soul food – shin kwon
    it’s okay to look back as long as you keep moving forward – shin kwon
    do you know what tha cure for depression is? love. duh~! stay in love and never be unhappy again – shin kwon
    drugs do what love does to people all of tha time – shin kwon
    what hurts you is preparing you for invincibility – shin kwon
    emotions are mental statisms – shin kwon
    there is no need for an apology. i just say oops – shin kwon do not let anyone else rule over you but you. be tha god of your own reality, tha center of your known universe – shin kwon
    long story short, i tell short stories long – shin kwon
    when you die, just because you won’t be here doesn’t mean you won’t end up somewhere else. you’re going back to where you came from – shin kwon
    tha time has come. tha time is now. what will you do? fight or take flight? – shin kwon
    i am for everyone, but i am not for everybody – shin kwon
    do not mistake an intelligent guess over predicting tha future. – shin kwon
    you are entitled to anything your heart may desire. – shin kwon
    you wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t want to. so if you find yourself doing something you don’t want to remember not to blame obligation for what you choose to do in life – shin kwon
    everything and everyone is a muse. some people and some things will motivate us, whereas others and other things may lead us to feel uninspired – shin kwon
    i used to work on myself for me. i still do, but now i do it for us – shin kwon
    you seem to be doing nothing when at rest, but in fact you are healing yourself and rejuvinating your spent energies – shin kwon
    your birth was a possibility come true. your life is full of endless possibilities – shin kwon
    if you are disrespected when not around, don’t think that you were ever respected in tha first place – shin kwon
    let your actions speak to tha mind, let your words speak to tha soul – shin kwon
    i might not like people in general, but i will love each and everyone of them on an indiviual basis – shin kwon
    you’ll just have to accept me for who i am because there’s nothing you can do to stop me – shin kwon
    not everyone wants my love, not everyone feels that they deserve my love either, but they are gonna get it anyhow – shin kwon
    sometimes your mind needs to understand what your heart already knows – shin kwon
    learn to live as a person who lives to learn – shin kwon
    one must first know what it is to be selfish in order to choose to be selfless – shin kwon
    not all survivors are happy to be alive – shin kwon
    you’ll never stop evolving, because in reality you don’t ever want to stop moving – shin kwon
    what is greatness when one can become a great big a hole? – shin kwon
    self research, self discovery, and self development are steps on a stairwell leading to your highest self. – shin kwon
    be happy with what you have. you could always have less – shin kwon
    less of it means more of you – shin kwon

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