You Will Learn To Appreciate Her, Only After She’s Gone

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You Will Learn To Appreciate Her, Only After She's Gone

She’s gone but in haunting close kind of way.

Then you start to miss her.

You’ll look back

and realize you didn’t appreciate her or value her the way she deserved. Because despite being shown the bad sides to you, you realize she always saw the good.

You’ll look back

to every lie and excuse you ever told and you realize how understanding and tolerant she was of your BS.

You’ll look back

and realize she probably deserved so many sorry’s but she never even asked for it or cared.

You’ll look back

at everything she ever did for you and you realize you didn’t even invest half that effort into her.

You’ll look back

at how many times you said no but when you asked her to be somewhere or do something she always said yes and was there.

You’ll look back

and realize you weren’t kind to her and she never gave you a taste of your own medicine.

You’ll look back

and realize she really did love you unconditionally and support you in everything you did.

You’ll look back

and realize what you put her through yet she still came out wearing her heart on her sleeve loving really hard when you gave her every reason not to.

You’ll look back

and realize as she tried to prove she deserved you she’s the one that deserves better.

And even if it takes a while to get over you because it will, she will love again.

And it’s going to be a person who realizes what they have when they have it, not someone who has to lose her to realize her worth.

You’ll see them together and you’ll see how happy he makes her and you’ll remember when that used to be you who had every bit of her time and attention and heart.

She smiles bigger. She’ll laugh harder. She’ll hold his hand a little more tightly when you’re around. Because the truth is she loved you and cared about you and did everything she was supposed to and it still wasn’t enough.

You’ll find yourself in moments overcome with jealousy you don’t even have right to feel because it could have been you. It should have been you. But she couldn’t keep waiting for you to realize what she knew all along.

She’ll move on because she had to. And she’ll become happy because she deserves to. And she’ll fall in love because finally, that love she gave to you so carelessly finally came back to her.


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Written by Kirsten Corley

Originally appeared on Thought Catalog

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You Will Learn To Appreciate Her, Only After She's Gone

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